Friday, November 5, 2010

NaNoWriMo DAy 5

Five days into NaNo and I'm questioning which direction to take the plot. Three chapters in is the sticking point I've read; that apparently continues to be true for me.

 Instead of sitting down to figure it out, I've been sewing my daughter's homecoming dress.  After much fussing with the placement of the little midriff piece ( she's too small for it) and breaking four needles on the stupid invisible zipper foot all that left is to hem it. She loves, loves, loves the dress (yes, she talks just like that, complete with hand gestures) so I don't mind much. Here's the photo from the pattern envelope. Alas, it will be quite cold tomorrow night and she will be forced to hide her adorable taffeta ruffles under a coat.


  1. That dress is fab :-)

    Must be something about day five of Nano. I had my own crisis earlier, thankfully now resolved and my plot is going in a different way to my original plan too. I'm telling myself, it means that my characters are taking on a life of their own and that's all good right?!

  2. That's my mantra!!! Here's hoping it works out for both of us.

    I'm going to be a busy girl this weekend.

  3. That dress is incredible! Darn the cold for forcing her to hide the ruffles ;). Lots of NaNo luck Julia!