Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Inherited Bride by Maisey Yates

Isn't the cover for this book yummy? The actual book is so much more beautiful. I'm so lucky that I won a copy of this, since it's only just available in UK. Maisey Yates' book is a wonderful fairy tale of a princess and a sheik.

If the hero of a story is too strong, the heroine can be overshadowed. This is especially true of very young heroines. Bella is young and overly sheltered. She's struggling to stand on her own before her arranged marriage takes place. She's a girl with no experience and no control over her life. Although at the beginning of the story she is naive and a bit timid, she matures into a more assured young woman. That was fun to see and it also really made me believe in her happy ending.

Adham is very, very alpha. Very alpha heroes can be a challenge. Sometimes they can edge into something a little too: too bossy, too menacing, too rude. Adham sometimes crosses those lines, but his honorable motives make it possible for me to forgive him just about anything. Over at Samantha Hunter's blog there was a great conversation about what makes an alpha hero work. The one thing that came from the conversation was that an alpha hero who was constrained by a code -pack laws, military rules or in Adham's case a code of honor -  is more balanced than the guy who just runs around yelling and throwing his weight around. That unshakable honor makes it easier to forgive him when he's too bold and easier to believe in his softer side.

The Inherited Bride is an emotional read packed into a slim category book.


  1. This is a FAB book. As someone privileged to read this before it was published, it was so awesome to see how Maisey created Adham and Isabella. They were both such fabulous characters. Totally adored Adham for his alpha-ness since I love strong alphas, and for his tortured soul. Ah! Brilliant.

  2. Will go and check out the book - thanks for the recommendation. And I completely agree about the Alpha acting true to his beliefs... everything needs a reason to be there. :)

  3. Beautiful book. One for the shelves--not the Kindle :-)

  4. @Jackie It really is fab!

    @Xandra Give my hero the right motivation and I'll follow anywhere.

    @Kay It's so pretty. I really think the new MB covers are so much prettier than the Harlequins.